Marked by an effervescent trademark that is his gorgeous smile and charismatic energy on and off stage, meet artist virtuoso, GREG WATKINS.


“His soothing piano touch, His million dollar voice, His unforgettable charm.”

Who is Greg Watkins?

Greg Watkins is a born and bred Washingtonian and well-respected artist: pianist, singer, musical director, songwriter and arranger, actor and a brilliantly-pure entertainer. A graduate of The Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Howard University (B.M. Music Education), and a former graduate student of Catholic University where he pursued his masters in voice.



Here's a look at what others have to say about Greg.

  • Danielle Angeline, DC Metro Theater Arts

    Watkins rises to the occasion, dressed to the nines in a three-piece suit, tells that he just got fired, thus proving what you see is not always what is.

  • Raychel Harvey-Jones, MD Theatre Guide

    So many notable smaller roles in this show. Greg Watkins played the role of the M.C. very well in his debut performance at Toby's, making sure the show flowed from the start.

  • Eliot Lanes, Broadway World

    Greg Watkins as Radames' father and Chief Minister Zoser, delivers another one of the production's standout performances. His big song, "Another Pyramid" is a definite highlight.

  • Mary Ann Johnson, MD Theatre Guide 

    Greg Watkins can seriously sing and dance. He is so limber and agile and exudes so much sheer joy in the power of a young man's body you almost expect him to dance up the walls.


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